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Level Acupuncture has been successfully treating vertigo and dizziness from various causes for close to a decade.

“When I was diagnosed with Shingles in my left ear, I couldn’t sit, walk, eat or drive as the dizziness was out of control!” shares Stephanie F. of San Diego, CA. “Other doctors gave me steroids, but nothing was improving. I finally was referred to Dr. Lindsay Trottier, and after the first session, I was able to hear more, sit, and walk 20 percent better.”

Vertigo and dizziness are an increasingly common disorder affecting millions of Americans every year. Many are caused in the aftermath of a viral infection, but many more are diagnosed as idiopathic, or without a discernible cause. Dr. Trottier of Level Acupuncture has been successfully treating vertigo and dizziness from various causes for close to a decade.

“I have protocols for vertigo and dizziness that cover a wide range of causes. Many patients will notice a difference in their condition within the first week of treatment, just as Stephanie did. It’s important to come in as soon as possible. Time is of the essence with this condition, and we can make a lasting difference without pharmaceutical intervention” shares Dr. Lindsay Trottier, DACM, LAc. “From a Western medical perspective, vertigo is either related to an inner ear problem or an issue with the brain. Diagnosis is usually simple for Western medical doctors, but effective treatment is harder to come by, with many patients being advised to let it resolve on its own. Thankfully, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) understands this condition within a holistic sense, and can effectively and efficiently address the condition at the root cause, allowing for total healing.”

In TCM, we understand that all disease often has what we refer to as a “root and branch” presentation. Vertigo is often a “branch” symptom of a hidden “root” cause. Dr. Trottier is especially skilled at identifying both of these components in diagnosis and treatment so that patients can fully recover AND be less likely to have recurrences in their condition.

Dr. Trottier shares her expertise. “In Stephanie’s case, the Shingles infection was allowed to proliferate and cause more damage because of other factors happening in her health and life before the condition started. Successful treatment and rehabilitation has been comprised of eradicating the symptoms, and then also strengthening her body so that she can be confident in her ability to heal and thrive.”

“I am so happy and thankful to Dr Lindsay for giving me my life back.” says Stephanie. “I felt she cared more than the other doctors I had consulted. She followed up with me regularly. I am excited to not only be doing the regular basic stuff like sitting and walking, but I am back on the tennis court again!”

Level Acupuncture specializes in treating chronic pain and complicated conditions. “The mission of Level Acupuncture is to help people live happier and healthier lives. We go beyond treating your illness, we want to encourage you to pursue lifelong wellness!” says Dr. Trottier.

Want to check out the success stories of the many others that have found real relief at Level Acupuncture, check us out on YouTube.

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