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At Level Acupuncture, we don’t simply offer Fertility treatments, we specialize in growing Happy + Healthy Families.

“I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy, and I have had a very smooth and easy pregnancy! I feel strongly that Dr. Lindsay’s care played a big part in this.” 

At Level Acupuncture, we don’t simply offer Fertility treatments, we specialize in growing Happy + Healthy Families. From the moment you think you’re ready to become pregnant to your baby’s first steps and beyond, Dr. Trottier can support you and your family each step along the way. Growing your family is different for everyone, and Dr. Trottier takes a unique and personalized approach to your fertility, prenatal and postnatal periods. The emphasis is placed on whole health for parents and children, far beyond achieving a positive pregnancy test.

“I initially came in for GI and mental health issues, but I mentioned my husband and I were ready to start trying for a baby,” says Carla S. of Lakeside, CA. “Dr. Lindsay helped me prepare my body for pregnancy. Months before, she helped me regulate my cycle, prescribed tea and provided advice on ovulation tracking. She treated my husband, too. When the time came, we had no difficulty getting pregnant.”

Studies show that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can markedly improve fertility factors for men and women looking to conceive. Beyond a positive pregnancy test, fertility is also a sign of good health.

Dr. Trottier shares her expertise. “My patients get the best fertility outcomes when we can take our time to heal all parts of the body, mind and spirit before welcoming a new human into the world. My patients feel more ready and excited about becoming parents and have the energy to take care of their new addition. In my fifteen year career, I have also observed that the “acupuncture babies” are some of the happiest and healthiest kids I meet – including my own two children!”

The mission of Level Acupuncture is to help people live happier and healthier lives. Growing your family should be an exciting and enjoyable time of your life, whether you have the option to conceive naturally or through the assistance of IVF/IUI, Dr. Trottier specializes in helping you achieve a sense of wellbeing and confidence through the entire process, with support that lasts a lifetime.

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