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Dr. Lindsay Trottier is an experienced herbalist trained in the highly specialized field of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Herbal Medicine can be safe and effective, offering little to no side effects and can be administered in conjunction with other therapies. As an experienced herbalist, Dr. Trottier is trained to identify any interactions that may exist between herbs and your pharmaceutical prescriptions and will prescribe accordingly.

Many patients find that incorporating Herbal Medicine with their Acupuncture treatments allows them to experience faster results. Therapeutic doses are prescribed in 1-4 week increments and are modified as needed for maximum effect.



Herbs are most commonly prescribed as a powder to be mixed with water and taken 1 to 4 times per day in the beginning phase of treatment. Other forms such as capsules, topicals and tinctures are also sometimes prescribed.


As you achieve maximum effect, the dose of the herbs begins to diminish until you no longer need to take them regularly.


Your treatment is carefully monitored and adjusted for maximum therapeutic effect without side effects.

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